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Online Course


Online Course

Individual Skype course ‘Portrait photography’ by Sergei Sarakhanov


Online Lessons via Skype




Duration 2,5 months / 1 lesson per week


Realization of your personal photo project


Content is customized based on the individual needs of each student


Total price for the course (10 lessons) is 750$



I teach each student individually and help make a serious breakthrough in creativity.

In most cases the standard course program / content is customized based on the individual needs of each student.

Lesson 1
Your portrait portfolio analysis/overview. Identification of main problem areas. Goal: to set up a priorities, define direction and discuss your personal style.
Homework: shooting.

Lesson 2
Composition. Accents. Types of portraits. Color and b/w. Backgrounds. How to create two-layered and multi-layered photographs that tell a story. How to use various points of interest in one image to create meaning.
Homework: shooting.

Lesson 3
Shooting in daylight lightning conditions. Finding locations. Light modifiers and light control. The theory of light and its place in photography.
Homework: shooting.

Lesson 4
Indoor light. How to prepare location. Lightning equipment. Soft light and hard light.
Homework: shooting.

Lesson 5
How to interview your model before the shooting. Guidance on posing and directing your model during a shooting session. The difference between mood and emotions.
Homework: shooting.

Lesson 6
Men portraits.
Homework: shooting.

Lesson 7
Women portraits.
Homework: shooting.

Lesson 8
Portraits of couples.
Homework: shooting.

Lesson 9
Portfolio development. Photography projects and their types. From idea to execution.
Homework: select a topic for your own project. Create a concept and description.

Lesson 10
Project presentation and discussion.
Homework: you will have 3-4 weeks for the realization of your personal photo project.


Pre-homework: Prepare your 20-25 best portrait photos.

Course End

The students will have 3-4 weeks for the realization of your personal photo project.

Payment options

  • bank transfer to SberBank account (in RUB),

  • bank transfer to Privatbank account (in UAH),

  • Western Union,

  • Transferwise,

  • Transfergo.

Important notes

If the student skips lesson without a notification, the missed lesson won’t be rescheduled and the tuition fee for this lesson won’t be refunded.


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